Private lessons (one-on-one) can be scheduled with Vicki at Arcadia or she can come to your home within the Sydney metropolitan area.

Fees are $60 per 30 minutes at Arcadia or $320 for approximately 90 minutes at your home. Any further home consultations are $180 for 60 minutes.

Private lessons can address behavioural problems, good canine manners, life skills or specific competition skills.  Other areas such as scent detection or other complex skills can also be taught.

Please contact Vicki to discuss your specific needs and firm a quotation.



If you don’t live in the Sydney region or are unable to schedule a visit, a phone consultation with Vicki is convenient and easy.

The cost is $60 per 30 minutes.

Click the paypal button on the right to complete your payment with either paypal or your credit card.

After you have paid, you will then be redirected to a page where you can complete your contact information and an outline of the consultation you require.