Puppy Class Instructors’ Course (Sydney)

Dates:  Six Saturdays:Puppy Class Instructors March 2014
2017 dates to be advised

Time:  Commencing 10:00 am, finishing 4:00 pm.
(Six hours each session).
Participants must attend the entire session.
Includes a 30 minute lunch break and two 10 minute coffee/tea breaks.

Location:  George Bell Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground

Refreshments:  Tea and coffee facilities will be provided.  There will not be time to purchase refreshments from local shops; bring drinks and food as required.

Pre-requisites: Preferably all pre-requisites listed have been met prior to commencement of the course but must be completed before the course certificate can be issued.

Practical:  If you are able to beg, borrow or steal a puppy aged eight to 16 weeks to bring to classes, it will enhance your learning experience.  Alternatively, an older untrained dog can be used but it must be able to cope with being crated during parts of the classes.  You will need a food pouch for practical sessions.

Enrolment:  Please reply to my email address: vicki_austin@bigpond.com with the following information, or complete the form on the right.
1. Name
2. Telephone numbers
3. Email address
4. Details of any pet industry experience
5. Confirmation that you will be able to attend the entire six sessions.


Puppy Class Instructors' Course Enrollment

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Please confirm that you will be able to attend the entire six sessions.