My First Puppy

My First Puppy

Like many people my first dog is etched permanently in mind!

Do you remember your excitement and your puppy’s excitement?  Or was your first an older dog? For me, it was a black and white ball of fluff, my first Border Collie, and I named him Radik.  And that, was over thirty years ago.

And then came all those questions….how do I house train him, what do I feed him, how do I get my cat to like him, how can I get him to walk on a lead…..oh so many questions!

So….off I went to my local dog training club where we received so much help and made great friends.  But poor Radik:  I thought I knew all, particularly when we started gaining obedience titles!  Yes, we could gain titles, but I also managed to develop some pretty serious behavioural issues.  Food aggression and dog aggression, just to name a couple!  It took me years to realise I, not his genetics, had caused most of his issues.  Then I started really learning a thing or two.

With this blog and other pages on my website I am offering you a guide to help you through those first questions, right through your dog’s training.  As this site grows, I will be uploading many tips and videos that will offer advice and tips.

I welcome your feedback and questions, so please don’t hesitate to comment below.