Dogs Life News - Lucky from A Place To Call HomeMy beautiful boy, Chilli,  is a star on the tv drama “A Place To Call Home”. He is at his happiest when playing.  He loves a good game of tug; and retrieving is a close second.

Did you know that the give-and-take of play is the greatest way to build relationship and bond with a dog.  Even better than feeding the dog!  Playmates need to respect one another’s social cues during play – backing off or providing a little distance when your playmate says, “you’re scaring me”, or “ouch, that hurt”.  Fair play involves taking turns at being on top and being on your back; rushing in and backing off.  Yes, rough-house play is fine between humans and dogs – when done respectfully and sensitively it develops trust.  That trust provides a level of resistance against developing various behaviour problems and anxieties.  GO PLAY!

This fabulous show was screen on Channel Seven but now you can see it on Foxtel TV.

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