Rhonda Hall Tasmania QuarantineTraining services are available for the training of dogs, or handler teams for scent detection and are conducted by Vicki Austin. Vicki Austin conducts training and provides services for scent detection. Canine scent detection training and services are available for a wide range of applications. Protocol-only trained dogs can be supplied or alternatively, training of both dogs and handlers is available. Scent detection training services are contracted on an individual basis. Independent validation and/or consultation of existing scent detection dogs and handlers is also available. Some examples of the types of canine scent detection training that can be provided:

  • quarantine
  • explosives
  • narcotics
  • termites
  • cane toads
  • rabbits
  • fox scat
  • feral cat
  • noxious weeds
  • contraband
  • mahogany timber

*Contracts arranged on an individual basis