Paul McGreevy Letter for Ms Vicki Austin

Acknowledgement of my skills and expertise is always humbling and even more so when it comes from a highly regarded and respected University Professor.

I would like to share one special testimonial with you from Professor Paul McGreevy of the University of Sydney.

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Below are more valued testimonials which I invite you to read.

I first met Vicki Austin in 2012 at the Pet Industry Association conference, where Vicki was presenting with her dog Chilli. I watched with interest these superb informative presentations.

Although already impressed by Vicki's resume and feedback from people within the pet industry prior to meeting her, I asked Vicki to present aboard the inaugural Dog Lovers cruise I was running the following year. Vicki kindly accepted and what a wonderful, knowledgeable and informative presenter Vicki was with her different power point presentations. So impressed was I, that once again I asked Vicki to present aboard the Dog Lovers Cruise in 2015.

August 2014 Vicki ran a week long Puppy Instructor Course for me on the Gold Coast, with excellent results achieved by all who attended. Once again the feedback was positive and appreciative and the wealth of knowledge Vicki happily shared with everyone was second to none.

The Course was fun for all those who attended and opened many eyes as to the importance of correct training in puppy classes.

I would certainly strongly recommend Vicki to anyone who requires help with their dogs, or who would like an informative presentation at their event.

Valerie Bulte - Activity Dogs & Dog Lovers Cruise

Valerie Bulte, Activity Dogs & Dog Lovers Cruise    17/10/2014  

I enrolled in Vicki Austin's Puppy School Instructor Course and was not only impressed with the course structure but the hands on learning technics I was taught. Vicki's puppy school instructor course is a must if you want to run your own puppy school courses.

I'm so glad that I enrolled in Vicki's course, her knowledge and skills with dogs is truly incredible and she has a wonderful way to teach you how to train owners and their puppies. After graduating from Vicki Austin's course I felt knowledgable and well equiped to run my own puppy school courses.

Aggy Ager, Puppy Class Instructor, Dogue Cremorne, Sydney

Aggy Ager    13/09/2013   Dogue Cremorne, Sydney    Website   

"Every puppy school instructor should do Vicki Austin's Puppy Instructors Course. Your puppy's and clients will love you for it. Mine do!"

Tara Thomas, Dog Can Do, Veterinary Nurse and Puppy Class Instructor, Mona Vale Vet, Sydney

Tara Thomas    05/03/2013   Mona Vale Vet, Sydney   

“I did Vicki Austin’s Puppy Instructors course 2 years (2011) ago and it was the best thing I have ever done. I now run a very successful Puppy School on the Northern Beaches and I am also employed by my local vet to teach their puppy class as well. I am training 25 – 30 puppies a week and I love every minute of it! It has been an amazing career change for me and something I can manage very well as a busy Mum of 3 boys! I cannot thank Vicki enough.”

Amy Smith, Amy's Puppy Pre-School, Sydney

Amy Smith    30/10/2013   Balgowlah    Website   

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the course that you delivered. You kept it interesting and entertaining and although my experience in this field is not as great as others I was refreshed to hear some of your own beliefs on dog behaviour and training. You are certainly the first trainer that I have come across that has aligned views that I have developed only from personal experience and not text books.

Thank you for making the time to come to Cooloongatta and further assistance out learning. I hope to see you again


Theresa Fallon    30/11/-0001   Coolangatta, Qld   

After being interested in dog behaviour for many years, I was lucky to have Vicki Austin as the main lecturer during my studies through National Dog Trainers’ Federation. Her incredible knowledge and experience in all areas of of animal behaviour and training, along with her passion for dogs further ignited my own interest and ultimately led me on to what I believe is a lifelong journey into dog behaviour and training.
Realising how much there was to learn I was thrilled to be able to enroll into Vicki’s Puppy Class Instructors’ course in 2010. This course provides in-depth insight into the complexities of dog behaviour and training, learning theory, problem behaviour prevention, and the huge risks and responsibility associated with training puppies during their critical phase of development. I believe this to have been the best decision I have made in my career so far. I manage a no-kill shelter which means I work on a daily basis with dogs that have either missed out on training as puppies, had impoverished early socialisation periods and many who have almost certainly had bad experiences during this time, with catastrophic results. I consider well run puppy classes to be a major factor in keeping dogs out of shelters. As well as training foundation behaviours in class, it sets owners up to better understand and modify their dog’s behaviour and teaches them how dogs learn. This reduces the likelihood of a breakdown in the human-canine relationship and sets them up for a happier, more symbiotic life together, ensuring the dog will be an actively included member of the family.
Running puppy class is one of the most important and rewarding things I do. It balances out my shelter work as I am actively working at the other end of the spectrum, setting dogs and owners up for a successful life together. I cannot recommend Vicki’s Puppy Class Instructors’ Course highly enough as it has enabled me to do this. I consider this course to have been the pivotal course in my extensive studies thus far. The course content is in-depth enough to be taken by seasoned professional trainers as well as those who are serious about beginning their studies. I believe it to be a must for all people working with dogs and training dogs. Please feel free to call me if I can answer any questions or provide more information.

Libby Young    13/10/2014   Manly, NSW.    Website   

I recently completed Steve and Vicki Austin’s “Statement of Attainment in Dog Training Course” and despite having trained dogs on and off for 28 years, I learnt more in this intensive 8 week course than I could ever have imagined.
The course opened my mind, and allowed me to really understand dogs. It also gave me a greater understanding of the many different training techniques, types of equipment, breeds of dogs and the human/dog bond.
Steve and Vicki’s combined experience and knowledge is second to none, and their professional and friendly approach to teaching made the course not only informative but also enjoyable.
The course provided a good balance of practical and theory, and I personally enjoyed learning the science behind dog training and dog behaviour.
Steve and Vicki’s passion for what they do is inspiring, and I have no doubt that through the education they provide, thousands of puppies have been given “the right start in life” and this has ultimately prevented many dogs from ending up in shelters or worse.
I am grateful to have had this opportunity, and also to have met some wonderful people within our class.
Kind regards,
Ann Harris

Ann Harris. Animal Talent Time Agency and Aussie Farm 4 Kids    15/10/2013   Sydney    Website